The start of something new

The start of something new

I'm at home with a cup of coffee and a magazine. I look around and realize that most things I have decided to keep and display in my living room have a story behind them. Some of them are gifts from precious friends, others I bought from stores or people whose philosophy matched my own. 

The home is a collection of stories. Most of us tend to gather things we like. And when aesthetics, functionality and clever solutions come together we are in for a treat.

Another thing I’d like to mention to you is that for years I’ve been, probably like most of you, heavily worried about consumption and the impact it has on the and environment and our planet. I’ve been recycling and doing other personal initiatives like not using plastic bags, minimizing my transport in fuel vehicles and selecting carefully what I buy and how long I will use it.

I’ve also been advising companies and institutions on social and environmental responsibility for almost a decade. For some time, I’ve wanted to do something that has an impact on a bigger scale. It is my hope that if we all contribute and if we have access to products that are made consciously we can make our world a bit more fair, equal and sustainable.

This is why I founded FÓLK and I hope you will join our community by reading our stories and checking out our products that we design with this philosophy in mind. 

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Ragna Sara Jonsdottir

Founder and CEO of Fólk Reykjavik