Empowering sustainability

Empowering sustainability


At FÓLK we are highly concerned about environmental issues. That is why we aim to design and manufacture products that enable people to empower their sustainable side of life, and we openly support Goal #12 in UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 

In a world of constrained resources and space we decided to create a minimalistic yet highly functional product that you can use in a variety of ways. 

“My starting point was to design shelves that had a simple, yet interesting look. The shelves had to be easy to mount and take down again, and easy to transport. They are designed to be transferable materially and conceptually from generation to generation. Made from natural materials, the shelves can be used in any setting with a range of additional accessories.”

                                                                        Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson, designer

The Urban Nomad collection includes 12 different types of the shelf, which is designed to fit a flexible home. Nomad is a multi-functional hanging wall shelf. Hopefully it will be handed down from generation to generation, but if not, it is fully recyclable and therefore contributing to a more circular economy. 

Check out the Urban Nomad shelf here