Six sustainability practices we follow

Six sustainability practices we follow

It’s Fashion Revolution Week, and there is no better time to put sustainability, environmental responsibility and circularity on top of the business agenda. Here’s what we, at FÓLK Reykjavik, do to support a fairer kind of capitalism and a cleaner and safer environment through our business operations.

#1  We design products that encourage sustainability. Forget about disposable plastic items or wardrobes that break when you want to move them. Our designs encourage you to live a sustainable life even if you are on the move.

#2  Our products are designed and made to last. You may have heard that companies actually plan the lifetime of a given product. After a certain time the product becomes obsolete. In other words, it is made to break! It is terrifying to think about all those electrical goods that we tried (and sadly, failed) to repair going to the landfill. We stand against this practice by encouraging lifetime ownership of our products.

#3  We only use natural or recyclable materials such as wood, paper, metals and glass for our products. We are excited about exploring new materials that are being born out of the circular economy revolution.

#4  We don't use disposable plastic. We avoid using plastic in our products and packaging. We have been able to limit the use of plastic to paint and powder coating. 

#5  We encourage transparency in the supply chain. We take this extremely seriously. We believe that openness will lead to fairer business practices where the final choice is made by the consumer.

#6  We support and engage in UNs Sustainable Development Goals. We have chosen Goal #12 on Responsible consumption and production to be our main inspiration for now.