FÓLK is a maker of high quality products for modern sustainable living. Our vision is to use our ideas and products to enable and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

We work with progressive designers on smart homeware and furniture with a focus on sustainability, responsibility and transparency around the production process. At FÓLK we believe that we can have a positive influence on society by taking environmental and social issues into account with every decision we make.

We do this by: 

Producing and marketing products that match our values. 
Using local resources and knowledge.
Promoting our collaborators and treating them fairly.
Being transparent towards our customers about the environmental and social footprint of our products.
Manufacturing products in such a way that reduces impact on the environment.
Choosing trusted suppliers who work according to the highest quality and environmental standards or support the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles. [Although I would delete the UN Global Compact – it’s a bit too obscure and too difficult to explain in the values section. However, this could work if we link to their website.]

Designing products that last and, we hope, are handed down through generations.