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Icelandic design from 1962

This product is one of the Icelandic design classics: Gunnar Magnusson's Inka collection, Sofa and Lounge Chair.

The first version of the Inka chair premiered in 1962 at the Fredericia exhibition in Bella Center, Copenhagen, where Gunnar lived and worked at the time.

About the designer

Gunnar Magnússon is one of the big names of Icelandic design history and received the Honorary Awards at the Icelandic Design Award in 2021.

Gunnar's designs attracted a lot of attention abroad and he worked in collaboration with some of the leading Danish designers such as Børge Mogensen as well as achieving acknowledgements in international design competitions in the 60’s of the last century.

He returned with his family to Iceland in 1964, where he founded his own studio and worked for four decades on numerous projects for families and companies, among others for the Parliament of Iceland, Banks and Universities.

FÓLKs reproduction of Inka

In the reproduction, FÓLK builds on its focus on sustainability and circularity of materials. Inka is now produced by a skilled cabinet maker, it comes flat packed and easy to assemble and has a removable upholstery.

FÓLK Reykjavík has signed an exclusive agreement for reproducing Gunnar's catalogue of designs, where Inka is the first step. FÓLK will reproduce Gunnar's products in accordance with the company's sustainability and circular principles.

The form of the Inka

Gunnar's Inka design is a true classic both from a design and aesthetic point of view. The Inka chair is made of two squares that form legs and arms.

Above, they are held together by an outer frame that supports the back. The width of the arms is for comfort, where you can rest your hands or put down a nice cup of coffee.


Wooden frame and parts

The wooden frame of the sofa and chair is produced from FSC certified ash wood by skilled cabinetmaker.

The chair and sofa's frame is easy to assemble and disassemble, for easier maintenance and moving of the furniture.

The frame is flatpacked, along with the rest of the sofa, which reduces the CO2 footprint of shipping and guarantees the possibility of recycling or upcycling of the furniture in a circular manner.

The Surface Treatment of the wood

The surface treatment for the natural ash variant are with a clear oil from OSMO which gives the surface a strong and durable finish, which can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth.

If the surface is scratched or with marks due to regular use, the surface can be gently sanded with the very fine emery paper and given thin layer of oil on the sanded areas.

Surface treatment for the dark stained variant is Satin wood oil from Linolie. Linolie is a natural linseed oil product added natural pigments and a hardener to set.

The surface is comparable with oil surface, and if the colour is removed due to larger scratches, the colour can be re-worked with a little sample-colour from Linolie. 

Upholstered parts

The upholstered parts of the chair containFSC laminated plywood boards for seat and backing plates.

The foam is standard polyurethane foam. The backing textile for the seat is natural undyed linen textile and Velcro tape is stapled to the plywood.

Prolonging the lifetime of your living room furniture

The Inka is a classic design, made to last and be passed down through generations.

With a sturdy base you can easily disassemble, customize and reassemble, the product is perfect for the sustainably minded customer.

The perfect opportunity to dip your toes in and try out timeless Icelandic design, The Inka is now available for order.